Why children's feel tired, sleepy or inactive

Some children may have difficulties in concentrating on their studies. Some of them may feel tired, sleepy or inactive at home and school. They may also fall ill easily. Such health issues occur when their body lacking energy, even they eat regularly or even their meal believed to be healthy food.

As per our belief, we eat for bodies strength and energy, but some adults will feel tired or sleepy after eating food. The same situation experienced by some children. If the food provides energy to the body; the person who eats it should feel more active, but the real situation happens upside down. These health issues occur from the weakness of the digestive system. Some children can’t digest the food properly. Since the consumed food didn't digest properly, the energy produced by the digestion, insufficient for the body. Insufficient of energy makes them inactive and tired fast.

The digestive system could be exhaust or weak when children start consuming food without hungry. Most of the parents feed their children by following the clock time. This is the starting point for the children's health issues. Children should be fed only if they feel hungry.

Our digestive system designed to digest the food only when body requests the food by feeling hungry. If food is eaten without a hunger, the body won't digest the consumed food and will be detained in the stomach for long hours. That food could spoil inside stomach as the food spoiled which left on the table.

For a proper digestion, children should be trained to eat only if hungry and trained to concentrate on eating. They should avoid other activities including hearing music, chatting, using mobile phones, reading and so on while eating. When the food consumed with a concentration, the consumed food will be digested and converted into energy properly. The waste elimination after the digestion also will progress properly. The children will live healthily and stay fit.

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