The basic understanding of human body mechanism
Before continuing, we should understand a bit about the human body mechanism. There were millions of human beings living on this planet. Among all, never the two of them were same. Each human being on this planet was an individual and precious life. Even they were siblings or blood-related.

Everyone has a different kind of body structure, body weight, height, body parts and organs. The food and drink they consume daily will be different to for every single person. The living place, occupation, daily rotating activities, lifestyle, habits and other outdoor activities, will be different for each individual. The mental condition also will be different from others.

What are the normal blood glucose and pressure level?
The allopathic medication suggested some readings as a normal or healthy reading. They suggest blood glucose should be in between 4.0-6.0 mmol/L.  Blood pressure should be in 120/80 - 140/90. Sodium level should be at 135 - 145 mEq/L.

We should understand that each person lives a different life and no one can contradict the others. When each individual has a different body structure and lives a different lifestyle, how could their body need to be the same?. The allopathic doctors say there was a normal or average calculation of body's glucose level, blood pressure level, fat level, body weight and so on. Is it a true fact?.

Even in a single family, each family member lives a different type of life; so their body needs will be different in-between each other. Does there can be a certain normal reading suitable for every individual?. No, cannot and it’s all just a business propaganda. Drug companies promoting their products by spreading false information.

Normal is just a business.
There can never exist a normal or average human body needs in this world. Not even in humans neither in other lives. Today’s medical field, especially allopathic medical field had become a large business industry. Many business tycoons had invested billions of dollars in this industry. They manipulated this medical field into a money-making machine.

Many healthy people converted into their customer by telling lies about their health. Many none scientifically proven facts told in the name of science to build new customers.

Please try to understand 
1. There was no normal blood pressure.
2. There was no normal glucose level.
3. There was no normal sodium level.
4. There was no normal fat level.
5. There was no ideal body weight

Do you think a teacher and a lorry driver need the same blood pressure?. Do you think an athlete and a businessman need the same blood pressure?. Do you believe an African and Asian need same body fat?. Do you believe an American and an Indian vegetarian will have same body glucose level?. It's all just a business, propaganda.

Didn't exist something called ideal or normal in nature's creation. Each human created with an individual capability and individual living style. So there could not be a normal, in between humans neither other lives. Even a person's own glucose and pressure level will change every hour. If you didn't believe me, you can give a try to this. Check your glucose or pressure reading every hour and you can notice it always changing and not the same always.

The diabetic is not a disease.
In Malaysia, India and other Asian countries diabetic become the largest and fastest growing disease. If compared with the health status of peoples from those countries by 50 years back, diabetic did not grow as much as now. Why does diabetic grow faster on the spur of the moment?

Diabetics grow fast suddenly because 50 years back diabetic was a disease and today diabetic was a business. After large corporations invest in the medical field, they convert the medical field from service sector into a business.

What is diabetic?

When the glucose level increase in the blood, that condition called diabetic and consider as a disease by the allopathic medical system. Besides allopathic, traditional medicines did not consider increasing of glucose level as a disease. Only allopathic and other medical systems which collaborate with allopathic believed glucose level should be in control.

Does really the glucose level should be in the certain limit?
No! Each human has different kind of body structure, body weight, height, body parts and organs and so on. The food and drinks they consume daily will be different too. The job, daily rotating activities, lifestyle, habits and outdoor activities, will be different from individuals. The mental condition also will be different for each individual.

Since every single human, have an individuality how could their glucose level to be same?. The statement which recommends a certain glucose level as normal just a propaganda for business and not a real fact. The world human population was nearly 8 billion, how could a certain reading be normal and safe for everyone?

Why does glucose level increase in the body?
As we know glucose is very important for the human body to operate. The body's glucose level will increase for many reasons. Some reasons are;

1. When the digestive system does not function properly. The glucose, which body produced at the end of the digestion will be in improper quality which not suitable for the body. Then the body won't use that glucose and that kind of glucose will be removed from the body by the urinary system.

2. The body will create additional glucose when the body needs more energy to heal disease in the body or When the body needs extra energy to heal the damaged organs.

3. If the body needs more energy to kill the harmful germs which entered the body, The body will create additional glucose.

4. The body will create additional glucose when the body needs extra energy to heal the damaged body part for people involved in an accident.

5. The body will create additional glucose when the body needs extra energy for fetal development or to heal the disease for pregnant ladies.

Does glucose harm for the body?
If increasing of glucose will harm the body, why do allopathic doctors, give glucose to patients in an emergency? Isn’t it funny when allopathic doctors say, It's harmful if body produced extra glucose on its own, but it’s safe when we give it? The glucose created by the body was biochemical and its safe for the body. But the glucose which given by doctors was chemical and will have side effects.

When the glucose level will decrease
Since the body's glucose level increased in an emergency situation, the glucose level will turn back to normal when the purpose accomplishes. After the healing accomplished, after the wound and broken bones recovered, after the baby born safely, the glucose level will reduce on its own without any medication.

Side effects of the diabetic
All side effects which diabetic patients experience was caused by the drugs and not diabetic. High blood pressure, kidney failure, liver disease, ulcer, wounds and other side effects caused by the drugs consumed by the diabetic patients. If didn't consume any drugs. The diabetic won't bring any harm. But your doctor will never tell the truth because selling drug was their business.

So, don't worry about the diabetic or glucose level. Please try to understand, if the glucose level increase, it means something wrong in the body. Just wait, give the body some time to heal itself and follow the body's instructions.

Please read previous articles for more details.

Most of the time, people's own lifestyle and habits cause diseases to them. Here, I list down 10 of the disease-causing habits. Simply by avoiding such habits, they could live healthy forever. If there any existing diseases, can heal it without any medicine and simply by changing lifestyle and habits.

1. Eating without being hungry 
Food should only be eaten when hungry. The stomach only will digest the food, if eaten while hungry. When a person eats without hungry, that food will never be digested properly and will remain in the stomach for long hours and stale inside stomach. This will cause improper digestion, damage the digestive organs and cause sickness.

2. Consuming more than appetite
If a person eats more than the bodies need, that additional eaten food will assume as garbage by the body system. Those additional foods will never be digested properly.

3. Less consuming fruits and vegetables
All foods supply energy to human, but most of the time the energy will damage or spoil when cooked. Fruits are the only food that can be consumed uncooked. Eating more fruits and half cooked vegetables could provide body more energy to live healthily.

4. Drinking too much water without thirsty
Ideal human body heat should be 98.6 °F. When drinking too much of water, or drinking cold water; it will reduce the body heat. It will cause a digestion problem and weaken the internal organs.

5. Sleep late at night or do night shift jobs
Human’s body created by nature to act along with nature's cycle. The human should start his activities on the day, along with the sunshine and give body rest at night when the sunset. The human body will actively clean the undigested food and remove body toxins at night. When a man acts at night and refuses to give body rest, his bodies internal and external organ will start weakening. The toxins start accumulates in the body. This will cause diseases to him. Everyone should sleep at 10 pm daily.

6. Detain the waste elimination from the body
Detaining the elimination causes serious harm to the body. Urine and stool should not be detained or hold.

7. Preventing body’s cleaning process and waste elimination
Fever, cold, flu, cough, vomit, diarrhoea and such disturbances should not obstruct. Those disturbances simultaneously are helping the body to clean itself. The flu removes waste from lungs, vomiting removes waste from the stomach, diarrhoea removes waste from intestinal and so on. When stopping the waste elimination those wastes will turn into harmful toxins in the body and create illness.

8. Work continuously while tired
If the body feels tired, it means the body's energy level is low and needs some rest to reproduce the energy. Some people will drink coffee to avoid tiredness, and continue work, drive and so on. Drinking or eating something while tired will harm the body health. The small amount of energy which left in the body will be divided into three parts. One part for digestion, one part for work and last part for reproducing energy. This habit will harm the body organs. It will be getting weaker.

9. Chemical usage in daily life
Everything we use in our daily life like soap, shampoo, makeups, creams and others are made of chemical or mixed with chemicals. Whereas most of our food processed with chemicals. Chemical drugs prescribed by allopathic doctors create permanent and deadly disease in the human body.

It's difficult to our body to eliminate the chemicals from the body. Most of the time the chemicals will stagnantly in the body cause organ failures. Please avoid chemical usage in foods and daily usage and please avoid or minimize the drug usage.

10. Inequality of mind
Calmness is the natural state of mind. When the mind loses its calmness, that mind’s state cause imbalance in mind state and causes disease. The feelings of pride, ego, arrogance, greed, fear, angry is a type of disease. Each feeling will weaken the related organ and create disease. Please keep the mind calm always.

Those 10 habits cause diseases to man. Simply by avoiding such habits, they could live healthy forever. If there any existing diseases, can heal it without any medicine and simply by changing lifestyle and habits.

Some children may have difficulties in concentrating on their studies. Some of them may feel tired, sleepy or inactive at home and school. They may also fall ill easily. Such health issues occur when their body lacking energy, even they eat regularly or even their meal believed to be healthy food.

As per our belief, we eat for bodies strength and energy, but some adults will feel tired or sleepy after eating food. The same situation experienced by some children. If the food provides energy to the body; the person who eats it should feel more active, but the real situation happens upside down. These health issues occur from the weakness of the digestive system. Some children can’t digest the food properly. Since the consumed food didn't digest properly, the energy produced by the digestion, insufficient for the body. Insufficient of energy makes them inactive and tired fast.

The digestive system could be exhaust or weak when children start consuming food without hungry. Most of the parents feed their children by following the clock time. This is the starting point for the children's health issues. Children should be fed only if they feel hungry.

Our digestive system designed to digest the food only when body requests the food by feeling hungry. If food is eaten without a hunger, the body won't digest the consumed food and will be detained in the stomach for long hours. That food could spoil inside stomach as the food spoiled which left on the table.

For a proper digestion, children should be trained to eat only if hungry and trained to concentrate on eating. They should avoid other activities including hearing music, chatting, using mobile phones, reading and so on while eating. When the food consumed with a concentration, the consumed food will be digested and converted into energy properly. The waste elimination after the digestion also will progress properly. The children will live healthily and stay fit.