Which foods are helpful for the human body to heal diseases?.
Dietitians and physicians will suggest some selected foods for the sick peoples, because of their nutrition contains. But in reality, which kind of food is most suitable for ill persons to recover from their diseases?.

People always ask me, which food is suitable for healing certain diseases?. Which food should be consumed for getting specific nutrition?. Which food contains this nutrition? Which food includes that nutrition?.

My only answer for this kind of questions will be; Don't ask me what to eat, but ask me how to eat. Because, whatever you are consuming; If you have it correctly, your body will produce all necessary nutrition from that food.

Is it necessary to eat a specific food for getting related nutrition?
Let me give an example to understand the human body and food's functions. If poor women, who eat only plain rice daily, getting married. Can she be pregnant?. Can she gives birth to a child?.

If her child borns,
1. Will that child have a face, eyes, ears, mouth, and nose?
2. Will that child have bones in its body?
3. Will that child have skin?
4. Will tooths grow for that child?
5. Will that child grow up?
6. Will that child have an immune system?
7. Will that child contain internal organs, will they functioning correctly?.
8. Will that child's body have all required vitamins, minerals, and nutrition?

An answer to all the questions above will be, Yes! It will. Whatever nutrition contains the body of a baby born to the wealthy parents; Also will be for the indigent parent's baby.

The food and nutrition
That mentioned women only consume plain rice daily. According to the modern science, rice contains carbohydrate and little other nutrition.

How did that women's body produce all necessary nutrition?. How did that women's body provide the nutrition needed for pregnancy?. How did the baby in the womb of poor lady get all vitamins, minerals, calcium, protein, fat and all other diets to growing up?.

Women's body required calcium, magnesium, protein, fat, sodium, glucose, vitamins, and minerals during pregnancy. How did that poor women receive that nutrition?. How do poor women's around the world gain those nutritions; Meanwhile they didn't consume nutritious foods during pregnancy?.

The real fact is that poor women's body produced all necessary nutrition from the rice she consumed. You may be surprised and hard to believe, but this is the real fact of the human digestive system. It can produce whatever nutrition it requires, from any consumed food.

In the rural villages of India and some other developing countries, Their people only consume simple food and live healthily. They didn't choose the food, and they didn't eat any special foods for their dietary needs.

The food does not need to be chosen.
The foods are not necessary to be chosen or avoided. Just eat what you like, your body knows what to do with it. But the methods for eating should be followed.

The body's rules for eating
1. Wait for hunger
2. Do not consume if not hungry
3. Do not drink while eating
4. Stop eating once the appetite is gone
5. Feel and taste the food properly
6. Chew the food properly before swallowing
7. Do not drink 30 minutes before and after eating
8. Eat food that suitable for the body
9. Eat foods that easy to digest
10. Eat less at night

Whatever you eat; The body can produce all and any nutrition from it, when you eat correctly.

A farmer works hard after eating simple food, but the rich people feel drowsy after eating the food that believed to be complete. Some of them feel tired, sleepy and heaviness in their stomach. Since they eat healthy foods and rich nutrition contained foods, Why do they feel so?.

For living a healthy life and healing the illness, we do not need any particular foods. We only need to choose the food which could be digested quickly and eat it properly.

Fruits are the best food
The only food I suggested is fruits. Fruits will provide all energies and nutrition needed by the body. Consume more fruits, Especially sweet local fruits. The fruits contain many essential nutrients such as calcium, fiber, folate, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, fiber and vitamins.

Foods to avoid
Avoid eating processed foods and preserved foods. The chemicals contained in those foods will harm the body.

When compared with previous years, the number of kidney failure and dialysis patients increasing recently. The allopathic medical system is proclaiming that they own many new medical devices and they are advanced in the medical field. If this is a real fact, the number of hospitals and patients should be decreasing, but in reality, it happens upside down; the quantities of hospitals and patients are increasing every year.

"According to the 22nd Report of the Malaysian Dialysis and Transplant Register (2014), The number of new dialysis patients increased 100%, in past ten years. In the past four years alone, Malaysia has witnessed more than 6,000 new patients each year, who require regular dialysis.  At the end of 2015, nearly 40,000 Malaysians required regular dialysis, 90% of them requiring hemodialysis treatment three times a week".

This is a severe situation. When it continues, the number of kidney patients of the world will increase five times higher, only within the next ten years.

Chemicals harm the kidney.
A few years back most of the dialysis patients were 50 years old and above, but nowadays patients start dialysis at 30 years old. This circumstance occurs because of increasing chemical usage.

Most of the dialysis and kidney patients were previously taken drugs for some other diseases or taken vitamin, mineral, calcium or other supplement tablets. The chemicals from the foods, drinks, drugs, and pills accumulate in their kidney and dysfunction their kidneys. If a question arises how could vitamin, mineral, calcium and other supplement tablets cause kidney failures; Just answer a question, what do those tablets make of?.

The primary duty of the kidney is purifying and remove the wastes from the blood. Whatever you are consuming, will be mixed with the blood and past through kidneys to be filtered. The filtered chemical will be sticking to the kidney's wall and damage it.

Everyone must realize one great fact and truth about the body and internal organs. No internal organs will shut down or failure, as proclaimed by doctors. Whoever you believed as your creator have creates you entirely, without any deficiency. Every single organ and body parts were given to you, to be used until your end. Human organs have no expiry day or usage period limitation. People fell sick only because of their lifestyle.

The symptoms of weakened kidney
1. The body loses its energy quickly
2. The body often feels weak and tired
3. Losing interest in sexual
4. Swelling or pain of ankle or foot
5. Pain in the hips, ankle or foot
6. Thighs and hips grow more prominent than usual
7. Disturbance or pain inside ears
8. Soreness or burning sensation when urinating
9. Frequent urination, especially at night
10. Fear for no reason

The primary cause of kidney damages
1. Consumption of medical drugs
2. Consumption of vitamins, minerals and  supplements
3. Consumption of processed foods
4. Consumption of colored, flowered, chilled drinks
5. Consumption of preserved food and drinks
6. Consumption of boiled or filtered water
7. Fear, irritable, anxiety and other negative emotions
8. Sleep late at night or work at night

Natural remedy for kidney problems
1. Stop all kind of medical drugs
2. Stop all kind of supplements and vitamins
3. Avoid all type of chemical usage, inner or outer of body
4. Eat lite foods only if hungry
5. Avoid eating cooked food at night
6. Just eat sweet fruits if hungry at night
7. Avoid usage of white foods, such as sugar, salt, and flour
8. Sleep earlier daily at least on 9 pm
9. Don't worry or afraid of anything, keep the mind calm.
10. Take a rest when tired

When start following this, the bodies immune system will strengthen and will start treating the illness. The body will back to healthy.

Father of Indian Acupuncture, Dr. Fazlur Rahman MBBS DV MD Ph.D. (Acu) suggest an acupuncture point for cure almost 95% of women’s health issues. This acupuncture point can benefit both man and women.

Advantages of the suggested acupuncture point
1. Could rectify the spleen and stomach, and improve digestive proses
2. Could prevent breast cancer and uterus cancer
3. Could cure the tumors of uterus and breast
4. Could prevent and cure diseases, related to the cervix and breast
5. Could cure white discharge
6. Could improve the menstrual cycle
7. Could reduce the body weight
8. Could prevent diabetes
9. Could prevent lungs and skin diseases
10. Could help to recover and maintain the total body health

The CV13 acupuncture point can cure diseases mentioned above and most of the women's other health issues. With just a touch and some massages on that acupuncture point once a week, ladies can defend their self from most of the health issues and current diseases will be cured.

The location of that acupuncture point

The CV13 acupuncture point located in the middle of the body line. It is located above the navel, at five body inches from the center point of the navel.

How to calculate the body inches
One body inch in acupuncture means, one-third of the index finger. One index finger has three body inches. The body inches should be measured with the index finger of the person who wants to receive the treatment.

The treatment method
1. Lay down on the bed
2. Measure and find the point location
3. Use the tip of the index finger.
4. Touch the point gently.
5. Then, give a little pressure.
6. The index finger should be pressed half an inch in the skin.
7. Hold the pressure for two minutes.

Treatment period
1. The person without health issues should massage, once a week at night before sleep.
2. The person with health issues should massage for three days continuously, twice a day. Once in the morning when wake up and once at night before sleep.
3. After three days, perform treatment once a week. To maintain the health.

Please share this article with others. This acupuncture point will be helpful for health recovery and maintaining women's health.

What is cancer?
The Cancer refers to a tumor that grows unnaturally in the human's body. According to a World Health Organization (WHO) report; In 2015 alone approximately 15 million people around the world affected by cancer, and 8.8 million people died of cancer. One in six-person dies of this disease around the world. Approximately 16,000 children are the cancer patients around the world. The worst part is, one of three cancer patient ends up with death.

The cancer types
They're believed to be many different types of cancers. I've sorted some popular cancer types below and read the next chapter without reading them.

Bone cancer, lung cancer, brain cancer, melanoma, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, esophageal cancer, prostate cancer, kidney cancer, skin cancer, leukemia Thyroid cancer, liver cancer, uterine cancer and many more.

Cancer classified into many types, and names; But in reality, the disease is the same. Cancer named according to the detected organs.

Cancer is a business
According to a Forbes article, the cancer drug sales in 2018 estimated to be $.147,000,000,000 - 147 billion USD and equivalent to Rs.9567,495,000,000,00 (Rs95674.95 crore) in Indian rupee value. Many studies exposed that cancer is a human-made disease, but most of us still not aware of it. Many blogs, articles, studies, and videos exposed the truth behind the cancer business, please search and study about it.

The estimated value quoted above is just for the cancer drug sales. It's not included the doctor fees, hospital expenses, surgeries, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, and many other medical expenses. If add up all those expenses, it will double up the volume medical industry earn in the name of cancer. The real fact is, cancer is not a disease, but a most significant business.

Why does cancer tumor forming?
Let me tell an example to understand the tumor easily. We all will celebrate our annual celebrations. It could be Christmas, Deepavali, Ramzan, New year or something else. We will clean up the house before the festival. We will gather all wastes from the entire house; heap them in one place then packed with the garbage back. Afterward, we will dispose of those garbage bags, carefully from the house. It is how the tumor works. 

When the immune system receives sufficient energy, the immune system will start gathering dangerous chemicals, toxins, and wastes from the body; then accumulate them in one place in the body. That body wastes similar to the waste from the house, and the tumor is the garbage bag. That garbage bag will be classified as a cancerous tumor. This kind of tumors is not dangerous at all for the body.

Why cancer tumor formed at some specific organs?
The cancer tumor won't merely form at a random part of the body. The cancer tumor didn't develop at all organs because the purpose of the tumor is to help the body to clean and eliminate the dangerous wastes from the body. So, the immune system will form a tumor only in three kinds of body parts.

1. At the feeblest body part.
2. At the body part which is in a minimum usage.
3. At the body part which is less important to that person 

Is cancer tumor a risk?
Cancer tumor is not a risk or dangerous for the human body. The body's immune system will gather the hazardous body wastes and pack them with robust security. It will make sure the tumor safe and protected. Body’s immune system will eliminate all dangerous things from that tumor gently when receiving sufficient energy.

Why do the cancer harm people?
We have seen that the cancer tumor won't harm the body, and it's safe; but when the cancer patient starts consuming chemical drugs, cancer will begin to damage the body.

The chemicals are not suitable, and it's dangerous for the body; so the immune system gathers and packed all chemicals from the body into a tumor. When a patient starts consuming chemical drugs, the level of the chemical in the body will increase. When the chemical level increased, the harm by the cancer is higher too.

Will cancer bring death?
When do most of the cancer patients die? Before the treatment or after the treatment? If you think about it, you will get the answer. In fact, cancer will never cause death. Only 10% of the cancer deaths can be related to disease, and the western medical system caused another 90% of deaths.

The doctors will perform a biopsy on the tumor, to test and ensure that tumor is cancer. When they cut or done a biopsy on the tumor. The dangerous poisons from that tumor will spread into the blood, and the patient will start dying. If you ask me, how can identify the cancer tumor without doing a biopsy? My answer will be, staying alive is more important than determining the tumor type.

The second cause of the cancer death is inadequate knowledge about the human body and fear of disease. Doctors, public media, and society are misled people by giving false information about the human body and diseases. If a patient accumulates wrong information and believes it; the fear of death start grabs the patient, and they start losing hope. Inadequate knowledge, losing hope and doubt will lead to death.

A natural solution for the cancer
Do not worry about cancer. Believe your body’s immune system. Stop all kind of chemical drugs. Stop the chemical usage in medicines, supplements, foods, drinks, cosmetics, toiletries and avoid chemicals 100%.

Eat only if hungry, Have enough sleep at night. Sleep earlier at 9.00 pm daily. Eat more sweet fruits and vegetables. Keep your mind calm. Do not disturb the body and let your body do its job. Merely follow the body’s instructions. The body will recover and back to healthy.

The basic understanding of human body mechanism
Before continuing, we should learn a bit about the human body mechanism. There are millions of human being living on this planet. Among all, not a single of them is the same. Each human being on this planet is an individual and precious life. Even they are siblings or blood-related.

Everyone has a different body structure, weight, height, body parts, and organs. The foods and drinks they consume daily will be different. The living place, occupation, daily rotating activities, lifestyle, habits and other outdoor activities, will be different for each individual. The mental condition also will be different from others.

What are the average blood glucose and blood pressure level?
The allopathic medical system suggested some readings as a standard or healthy readings. They suggest blood glucose should be in between 4.0-6.0 mmol/L.  Blood pressure should be in 120/80 - 140/90. Sodium level should be at 135 - 145 mEq/L.

We should understand that each person lives a different life and no one can be compared with others. When every individual has a different body structure and lives a different kind of life, how could their body need to be the same?. The allopathic doctors are believing that there is a standard or average calculation of the body's glucose level, pressure level, fat level, body weight and so on. Is it a real fact?.

Even in a family, each family members lives a different type of life; therefore their body needs will be various in-between them. Will a particular reading suitable for every individual?. No, can't be and it’s all just a business propaganda. Drug companies are selling their products by spreading false information.

Normal is just a business
There can never exist a normal or average human body needs. Not among humans neither in other life's. Today’s medical field, mainly allopathic medical system; become a giant business industry. Many business tycoons had invested billions of dollars in this industry. They manipulated this medical field from medication system into a money-making machine.

Many healthy peoples turned into their customer by telling lies about their health. Many none scientifically proven facts spread out in the name of science to build new customers.

Please try to understand that.
1. There is no normal blood pressure.
2. There is no normal glucose level.
3. There is no normal sodium level.
4. There is no normal fat level.
5. There is no ideal body weight

Do you believe that a teacher and a truck driver need the same blood pressure?. Do you believe that an athlete and a businessman need the same blood pressure?. Do you believe an African and Asian need same body fat?. Do you believe an American and an Indian vegetarian will have same body glucose level?. It's all just a business, propaganda.

Didn't exist something called ideal or normal in nature's creation. Each and every human created with an individual capability and individual living style. So there could not be a normal, in between humans neither other lives. Even a person's glucose and pressure level will change every hour. If you didn't believe me, you could give a try on that. Check your glucose or pressure reading every hour, and you can notice it always changing and not the same as always.

The diabetes is not a disease.
In Malaysia, Singapore, India and other Asian countries diabetes become a  fastest growing disease. If compared with 50 years back, the number of diabetic patients does not increase as fast as now. Why does the number of diabetic patients increase suddenly, in the last ten years?

The number of diabetic patients shoots up suddenly because 50 years back diabetes was a disease, but now the diabetes is a business. Since the corporations start investing in the medical field, they convert the medical sector from service to trading.

What is diabetes?
Diabetes is a condition associated with an abnormally high level of sugar (glucose) in the blood. The allopathic medical system considers increasing glucose level in blood as a disease. Besides allopathic, the traditional therapeutic methods do not consider rising of glucose level as a disease. Only allopathic and other medical systems which collaborating with allopathic is suggesting that glucose level should be in a particular level.

Should the glucose level be in a particular limit?
No, it can't be. Each and every single person has an inequality. Each person has a different kind of body weight, body height, and body structure. The internal and external organs of the body also have differences. Everyone eat and drink a different kind of food. The daily activities, lifestyle, and habits different too. Even the mental condition also different for each individual.

Since every single human has an individuality how could their glucose level need to be the same?. The statement which recommends a single glucose level as the safe level is just propaganda for business and not a real fact. The world's population is nearly 8 billion people, how could a specific glucose reading be healthy and safe for everyone?

Why do the glucose level increases in the body?
As we know the glucose is essential for the human body to function. The body's glucose level will increase for many reasons. Some of the reasons are;

1. When the digestive system does not function properly. The glucose, which body is producing at the end of the digestion will be of the improper quality which not suitable for the human body. That kind of low-quality glucose will be circulating in the blood until identified and removed by the immune system.

2. The body will produce additional glucose when the body needs more energy for healing diseases or weakened organs.

3. The body will create additional glucose; If the body needs more energy to kill the harmful germs which penetrated into the body.

4. The body will create additional glucose when needs more energy to heal the damaged body parts of people who involved in an accident.

5. The body will create additional glucose when needs extra energy for fetal development or to heal the disease of pregnant ladies.

Do glucose harm for the body?
If increasing of glucose will harm the body, Why do allopathic doctors give glucose to patients in an emergency?. Isn’t it hilarious when allopathic doctors say, It's harmful if body produced additional glucose by its own?; whereas they give it to the patients in an emergency. The glucose produced by the body was biochemical and its safe. However, the glucose which given by doctors was chemical and possibly cause side effects.

How will the glucose level decrease?
Whereas the glucose level increases in an emergency situation, the glucose level will back to normal when the purpose fulfills. After the healing process accomplished, after the wound and broken bones healed, after the baby born safely, the glucose level will decrease by itself without any medication.

Side effects of the diabetes
Most of the side effects which diabetes patients experience is caused by the drugs and not caused by diabetes. High blood pressure, kidney failure, liver diseases, ulcer, wounds and other side effects are caused by the drugs which consumed by the diabetes patients.

Therefore, don't worry about diabetes or glucose level. Please try to understand, if the glucose level increases, it means something was going wrong in the body. Just be passionate and give the body some time to heal itself and follow the body's instructions.

Please read previous articles for more details.

Most of the time, lifestyle, and habits causing diseases in people. Here, I list down 10 of the disease-causing habits. By avoiding such practices, we could live a healthy life forever. If currently suffering from any diseases, it could be healed just by changing the lifestyle and without any medicine.

1. Eating without hungry 
To live a healthy life, we should eat only when hungry. The digestive system only will digest the foods properly, if eaten while hungry. When a person eats without hungry, that food will never be adequately absorbed and will remain in the stomach for long hours and could stale inside the abdomen. Those remaining foods will cause improper digestion, harm the digestive organs and cause illness.

2. Consuming more than appetite
If a person eats more than the bodies need, that additional consumed food will consider as waste by the body system. Those additional foods will never be adequately digested.

3. Less consuming fruits and vegetables
Raw foods provide energy for man, but most of the time those energies will destroy or spoil when the food cooked. Fruits are the only food that could be consumed uncooked. Consuming more fruits and half cooked vegetables could provide more energy to the body to live healthily.

4. Drinking too much water without thirsty
The ideal human body heat should be 98.6 °F. When drinking too much water, or drinking cold water; it will reduce the body heat. It will cause indigestion and exhaust the internal organs.

5. Sleeping late at night or working night shift
Humans body created by nature to act along with the solar cycle. The man should start his activities on the day, along with the sunshine and give the body rest at night when the sunset. The human body will actively clean the undigested foods and remove body toxins at night. When a man acts at night and denies to give body rest, his body's internal and external organ will start weakening. The toxins start accumulates in the body. This will cause diseases to him. Everyone should sleep before 10 pm daily.

6. Detain the waste elimination from the body
Detaining the elimination causes serious harm to the body. Urine and stool should not be arrested or held.

7. Stopping body’s cleaning process and waste elimination
Fever, cold, flu, cough, vomit, diarrhea and such disturbances should not obstruct. Those disturbances simultaneously are helping the body to clean itself. The flu removes waste from lungs; vomiting removes debris from the stomach, diarrhea removes residue from intestinal and so on. When stopping the waste elimination, those wastes will turn into a harmful toxin in the body and cause illness.

8. Work continuously while tired
If the body feels tired, it means the body's energy level is low and needs some rest to reproduce the energy. Some people will drink coffee to avoid tiredness and continue to work, drive and so on. Drinking or eating something while tired will harm the body health. The small amount of energy which left in the body will be divided into three portions. One part for digestion, one part for activities and last portion for reproducing energies. This habit will weaken the internal organs.

9. Chemical usage in daily life
Everything we use in our daily life like soap, shampoo, makeups, creams, and others are made of chemical or mixed with chemicals. Most of our food processed with chemicals too. Chemical drugs prescribed by allopathic doctors create permanent and deadly disease in the human body.

It's difficult for our body to eliminate the chemicals from the body. Most of the time the substances will stagnantly in the body cause organ failures. Please avoid chemical usage in foods and daily usage and please prevent or minimize the drug usage.

10. Inequality of mind
Calmness is the natural state of mind. When the brain loses its peace, it will cause an imbalance in mind and causes diseases. The emotions like pride, ego, arrogance, greed, fear, angry is a sort of disease. Each feeling will weaken a related organ and create illness. Please keep the mind calm always.

Those ten habits cause diseases in man. By simply avoiding such practices, he could live healthy forever. If there were any existing diseases, can be healed without any medicine.